Football Party Recipes

I love football ball season! I love college football and NFL. I love screaming at my TV, and jumping around my living room, and all of the snacking! So whether you are making snacks for yourself, or you are hosting a football watch party, we have you covered in the food department. We have linked some of our favorite football party snacks here, but be sure to check out our appetizer section for even more delicious game day worthy recipes!


Vegan Buffalo “Chicken” Bites

These tasty little bites will be a crowd pleaser, or make a perfect snack. Whip up a batch with some left over buffalo dip, or double the recipe for a delicious party appetizer!


Vegan buffalo “CHicken” dip

Every time I make this buffalo “chicken” dip for a party, there is not a single bite left. Non vegans can not believe this dip is actually vegan and aways marvel at how well the jackfruit mimics the texture of chicken. This classic dip is spicy, cheesy, gooey, and always a crowd pleaser. I also like to whip up a batch of this tasty dip for sandwiches or for my Vegan Buffalo “chicken” bites!


Vegan spinach artichoke dip

Growing up, spinach and artichoke dip was my favorite dip, especially if it was served in a bread bowl! Luckily this classic dip is super easy to veganinze, and once again you will likely fool just about anyone who tries it into thinking its not vegan at all. You can serve this dip in a bread bowl, or with a side of bread and veggies for dipping. No matter how you serve it, I promise you are gonna love it!


Classic vegan sausage balls

Growing up in the south, sausage balls were a party staple. Every baby shower, bridal shower, or family gathering had a tray of these tasty treats. By simply swapping out the cheese and sausage in the original recipe for vegan versions, these yummy little bites will quickly become vegan party favorite!


Coconut colby jack

I make a lot of vegan cheese. Its cheaper than buying it in the store and so easy once you know the basics. This particular recipe is really a combo of a basic white vegan cheese swirled with a vegan cheddar. Coconut milk makes a great and inexpensive base for this vegan cheese. It is also less of an allergen risk if you are sending a sandwich to school with your kids, or you are serving cheese at a party and are unsure of allergies. Agar is the ingredient that solidifies the cheese. It is a vegan plant derived gelatin that can be found at asian markets or online at places like amazon. This cheese is also pretty hard to mess up, so if you haven’t tried making your own non dairy, vegan cheese, go ahead and give it a try. My guess is once you do, there will be no turning back.


vegan pigs in a blanket

We regularly make carrots dogs, so making vegan pigs in a blanket with tiny carrots seemed like the perfect party idea. This recipe is quick and easy. The best kind! Just boil, and marinate the carrots, wrap them in some crescent dough, bake, and you are good to go. These pigs in a blanket are perfect for parties, or just a healthy little snack!


“Meaty” cheddar queso

In college I waited tables at popular casual dinning restaurant. Not naming names, but one of our jingles involved baby baby ribs, and customers thought it was hilarious to ask us to sing it. But hey, the job got me through college! One of our most popular appetizers was a chili queso dip in a skillet, and I probably ate my weight in this dip before I was vegan. I have not eaten that dip in forever, but I think of it often and knew I needed to try and create a vegan version. This one did not disappoint, and I can still eat my weight in it! You can use any store bought meatless crumble, vegan sausage, or you could even use your own vegan crumble recipe. I love to roll up warm flour tortillas and dip them into this cheesy, spicy, magic! It also makes a delicious enchilada or quesadilla filling!!



Every time I make a batch of my vegan chili, I freeze the leftovers in small freezer bags so I can thaw it quickly and use as a topping for meals like these yummy fries! Make up a batch of 86eat's The Best Vegan Chili, and be sure to save some for this recipe!


cashew queso

This is hands down the best vegan queso I have ever had, and I have eaten a lot! Its smooth, creamy, spicy, cheesy, perfection in a bowl. Use it as dip, a filling for enchiladas with refried beans, in quesadillas, or on nachos!! This queso will keep for about a week, so its perfect for weekend meal prep, or keep a batch in the fridge for quick and easy weeknight dinners.