Warming Winter Recipes

Soups, Stews, and fresh baked breads are some of our favorite winter time recipes. Familiar classics and some new favorites are on our list of favorite winter time warmers. Check out our soup and bread categories for even more delicious recipes to get you through the tough winter months. Happy eating friends, we hope your winter is warm, cozy, and delicious!

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The best vegan chili

I love chili! I love it plain, on a baked potato, on a carrot dog, on some fries with some cheese, on latkes at Hanukkah. I love it summer, fall winter, or spring. This chili is hands down my favorite recipe. It’s simple, and super easy to make. Freeze any left overs for a quick weeknight dinner in a pinch.

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Savory cranberry Vegan meatballs with mashed potatoes

I often make meatballs with thawed Beyond Meat Burgers. They work very well as a meat substitute in all kinds of recipes other than just using them as burgers. Once thawed, they can be used just as you would ground meat. This particular recipe is sweet, tangy, and savory. The sauce screams holidays, and would make a perfect alternative to a traditional holiday meal. The cranberries, onion, and savory spices make such a beautiful sauce for the meatballs, and wonderful topping for the mashed potatoes. You can just as easily use a bag of frozen plant based meatballs, but I really encourage you to try a batch using the Beyond Burgers!

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Tofu or seitan marengo with lemon polenta

This recipe was adapted from a Cuisine Magazine recipe I got years ago. It is always a crowd pleaser, and tastes like you spent hours making it. In reality, its actually fairly quick! The original recipe used chicken and bacon. The liquid smoke in this recipe replaces the bacon helps give the dish that extra layer of smoke, while using either tofu or seitan works great as a protein substitute. It is common to also serve Marengo with eggs or rice.  You could easy substitute the polenta for tofu scramble or rice.

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loaded vegan baked potAto soup

I love this loaded baked potato soup because it is a quick, easy, and filling dinner if you are pressed for time. You could easily use leftover baked potatoes, or prep some baked potatoes over the weekend for an ever quicker weeknight dinner! Use whatever toppings you have on hand for this hearty, delicious soup, that will leave you full, and satisfied!

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beyond meatball stuffed challah

The only thing better than vegan challah, may be stuffed vegan challah! And the only thing better than a meatball sub, may be a whole loaf of soft, delicious bread, stuffed with cheesy, saucy, meatballs. But don't take my word for it! Bake up a loaf and taste for yourself!

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southern tofu scallops and grits

We make a lot of variations of tofu scallops in this house. These southern tofu scallops are by far my family’s favorite. The recipe is reminiscent of classic southern shrimp and grits, but using tofu scallops. It’s creamy, savory comfort food, at its finest. This recipe is also fairly quick and pretty easy to throw together, so what are you waiting for!

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stewed Sauerkraut with lentil meatballs

TI will find any way I can to incorporate sauerkraut into a meal. So when I ran across a non vegan recipe for a dish similar to this, I knew it was something I would love. The lentil “meatballs” are tasty and filling, and the stew is warm and comforting. The zesty kraut and tomatoes, coupled with the cream cheese and milk are a perfect combination. This meal is delicious on its own and even better with some oven crisped potatoes. One thing I am certain of is this stewed sauerkraut and lentil meatball dish is definitely going into my regular winter dinner rotation!

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Jackfruit and orzo soup

If you are missing classic chicken and rice or chicken noodle soup, this recipe is for you! We use jackfruit to mimic the chicken and orzo in place of noodles or rice! This soup is savory, delicious, comforting, and so easy to throw together. Perfect for chilly weather, or for helping mend a cold or flu. It also will freeze really well, so go ahead a make a double batch and freeze half. That way the next time you are feeling under the weather, you can easily thaw and heat a batch of this classic comforting soup!