Gluten Free Recipes

Whether or not you can have gluten or just prefer to not have gluten, we haven’t left you out! These are just a few of our favorite gluten free recipes. Search “gluten free” under recipe to find loads more!


vegan cajun dirty rice

Spicy cajun dirty rice made with meatless crumbles or thawed beyond burgers. Either way this spicy and filling rice will hopefully become one of your new favorites.


tarragon almond “chicken” salad with jackfruit

Savory, creamy, jackfuit “chicken” salad, seasoned with tarragon and loaded with sliced almonds and onions. This recipe is a perfect addition to a nice green salad, on a sandwich, or a snack with your favorite gluten free crackers!


layered vegan breakfast pie with quinoa crust

If you love quiche but can’t have a traditional pie crust, then we have just the thing for you! Our layered breakfast pie is packed with layers of tofu quiche, potatoes, and tomatoes, on a easy homemade quinoa crust! Savory, delicious, healthy, and filling!


vegan BBQ cheddar FRIES with slaw

Fries, fries, fries - give me all the loaded fries! Seriously, I could live off of fries and never ever get tired of them. These fries are loaded with BBQ jackfruit, creamy, slaw, and the best ever vegan cheese sauce. You may never want regular fries again (ok, we know thats a lie, but these are extra special!)


tofu japchae

If you have never had japchae then let me introduce you! This vegan version of a Korean favorite is made with gluten free sweet potato noodles! Full of tofu, and veggies, with a slightly sweet and savory sauce. This dish is easy and so tasty!


vegan “chicken” southwestern soup

I love how well jackfruit mimics meat in classic recipes like this “chicken” southwestern soup! You could probably fool a few non vegans with this recipe! The texture is spot on in this spicy, zesty soup. Add some fried corn tortilla strips for some extra crunch or serve it with a side of gluten free corn bread!